Yummy in Las Vegas: Part Two

Remember my trip to Las Vegas last month? Here comes part two! We stayed at the Treasure Island hotel where we had two buffet meals there (a lunch and a dinner). We chose to go there twice was because we had a $50 credit towards the restaurant and another buy one get one free coupon. Although their buffet wasn’t as grand and expensive as Bellagio’s it was still very good and we tasted a variety of yummy dishes there. Lunch as $18.95/person and dinner was $22.95/person plus taxes.

Here goes the Treasure Island buffet!

One of the specialties of the TI (Treasure Island) buffet is their American style dishes.

One of the things that comes to mind when thinking of American food is of course, BBQ! They offered a variety of BBQ meats and sides. I got myself a sampler. Living in Vancouver, there aren’t many American BBQ restaurants so I haven’t had the chance to taste authentic Southern American BBQ. So much meat and so tasty :D. They were all very good, I especially enjoyed the ribs, brisket and chicken – tender and smokey. We could actually see the wood and the smokers that they used (in their open kitchen) to prepare the BBQ meats.

Made to Order Pasta Kitchen

The TI buffet has a open pasta kitchen where the pasta dishes are made to order in front of customers. I chose the Lobster Ravioli and it was YUM. I saw the chef put the dish together by cooking the ravioli, sauteeing the garlic and mushrooms, adding sauce and tossing in the ravioli. It smelled SO good.

This was probably one of the freshest and best pasta dishes I’ve ever had. There was so much filling in the ravioli, the pasta itself was cooked just right and the rose sauce was so delicious. The chef asked me if I wanted mushrooms and cheese – YES, please. I didn’t see the lobster ravioli during lunch so I think it is only available during dinner.

This was the pasta I had for lunch, I chose sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken with a fresh tomato sauce. I liked the tomato sauce – so fresh and flavourful and the pasta was al dente.

There was also an Asian section of the buffet. Made to order noodle soup was one part of their Asian menu. Here we had a bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle soup with beef tendon balls. I was pondering whether I should get this or not since there are many Pho stores in Vancouver that serves very good Pho. To my surprise, the soup tasted pretty authentic with the spices and tasted rich in beef flavour. The rice noodles were cooked just right with a tiny bit of bite.

There were also a variety of pizzas baked fresh in their flaming oven. I had a little bit but the crust was burnt so I didn’t finish it. They also have a made to order salad bar in which I did have a salad but it was way over-dressed that I couldn’t finish it.

This was also part of my lunch visit, my Mexican sampler. Of course, Mexican food is an important part of American cuisine as well. This was actually the first time I had a tamale, it wasn’t very flavourful but had an interesting texture from the masa. The other sides tasted okay, not outstanding.

They had a lot of desserts but they were more American style compared to Bellagio’s buffet. Doughnuts were one of them, there were also cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate pot de creme, fruit tarts, trifle, croissants, ice cream etc. I personally liked the pot de creme and trifle.

More desserts – creme brulee and guess what? They had cotton candy too! Although I didn’t have any (personally don’t enjoy them too much) but I saw other people having it and it really feels like being a kid again.

We also asked for tea and this was what we got. It was good quality tea and it was served with honey and a lemon wedge. I was expecting a cup of hot water with a floating tea bag :).

So that was my Treasure Island buffet experience. Though they are not really known for the buffet, I thought I had a pretty good experience there. Most of the food was fresh and tasty and the environment was comfortable.

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