French Pastry 101

My dream has finally came true, my first cookbook French Pastry 101 with Page Street Publishing (distributed by MacMillan) is coming out on November 6, 2018! All the hard work for the past year is finally coming to fruition. On some days, I think to myself, “You wrote a cookbook, Betty!” and still can’t really believe that this was possible. Not only did I do the writing, I also did the photography. The whole process all feels like kind of a blur now because it was extremely hectic, all I could do was just focus on what to do next. Some days were harder than others, when it took five times to get a recipe right, or the photos didn’t turn out well. After the writing and recipe development, I had to go through rounds of revisions with my editor to get the correct measurements etc. But I am quite proud of myself, I have to say! I finally got a taste of being a cookbook author, which has always been a dream of mine since I started Yummy Workshop! I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity that Page Street Publishing has given me, working with them has been nothing but a great experience. I also need to thank my family, friends, and supporters, they have been a source of inspiration for me in every stage of my life. THANK YOU!

French Pastry 101 is available for purchase via (best for US and Canadian readers):

I hope you all enjoy the book and the snippets of stories around the pastries and recipes!

For press coverage on the book and the blog, check out HERE.

Important: for corrections on the first print, click HERE.

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