Yummy in Las Vegas: Part One

Yummy in Las Vegas! Just shortly before the winter holidays, my mom and I went to Las Vegas for a 4 days, 3 nights trip. Besides just checking out the different hotels and attractions, of course we had to have buffet. Just editing and uploading the photos of food reminded me of all the yummy flavours! 😛 We had a 3 meals of buffet, one at Bellagio and two at Treasure Island (given we were staying there so we had awesome discounts).

This post is part one of my Las Vegas trip, the first buffet that we went to was at Bellagio. Bellagio is also famous for their humongous fountain. Since my friend strongly recommended their buffet so we had to go try. Dinner was $29.95/adult, plus taxes.

Let’s tackle the Bellagio buffet!

The buffet had so many stations, the first one I went to was the meat station (as you can see from my first plate). I had some roasted Kurobuta pork with BBQ sauce and Wagyu beef. They were really tender and weren’t dry at all! I personally liked the pork more than the beef because I thought the beef wasn’t as flavourful. The Italian sausage was also very delicious and well flavoured.

I also had some rotisserie chicken, which was right beside the prime rib roast (like pictured). 🙂 My mom (being Asian) asked me why I got chicken and not other stuff like seafood. (LOL) Well, doesn’t the chicken look good? It was really tender, juicy and delicious, so why not?

Before I went for my second plate, I saw another lady sitting close to our table with (literally) a mountain of crab legs on her plate which made me wonder if they were THAT good. So for the second round, I went for the crab legs, fish, prime rib roast some Chinese veggies. Being a Chinese, I would think that the buffet wouldn’t offer authentic Asian flavours. But to my surprise, the greens were really good with garlic flavour and the crunch of toasted sesame seeds (although not the usual suspect, it turned out pretty good). The fish (forgot what kind) was really good – tender and fresh. As for the Alaskan/Snow crab legs, it wasn’t really as good as I expected. The texture was a little tough, I thought. The prime rib roast really (kind of) blew me away. 😀 It was even more tender that the Wagyu beef I had earlier, I also helped myself to some au jus and mushrooms. It was so juicy and tender but still had good texture in the meat and the au jus added so much beef flavour. The mushroom on the other hand, tasted WAY better than they looked, they paired so well with the beef!

How can one forget about dessert? There were so many kinds, my stomach can’t fit all the of them! We had the flan – good but could be better. Raspberry macroon – not bad, but pretty big for a macroon. The one beside it was some tart topped with meringue – forgot what it tasted like.

The one on the left was a chocolate mouse cake – very good presentation, and tasted good. The other one was a coffee cup, layered with coffee cream, custard and topped with whipped cream – so good, probably the best out of these desserts. We also had the Tiramisu (don’t have a good photo of if), but it wasn’t remarkable.

So…that pretty much sums up my buffet at Bellagio. There were also some other little things I had, like the cocktail shrimp (so sweet and plump), a bowl of very, very, salty miso soup etc. I was SOOO full after, which is why I typically don’t enjoy buffet too much because I don’t have a huge appetite. But of course, Las Vegas is an exception. Hope you are as hungry reading this as I was while writing this post. 🙂 I think the price was totally worth it given the freshness and variety of the food.

Wait! There is a Part 2 coming soon, STAY TUNED.

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