Indulge n’ Dance: I was a Pastry Maker!

The Yummy Workshop Booth

The Indulge n’ Dance event happened last Saturday but I wasn’t in the shape to write about it until today. Nothing is worse than catching a cold in this unpredictable Vancouver spring weather. Anyways, the event was organized by Social Bites. It featured seven pastry chefs where they each prepared treats to be served at the event and after the indulging, participants could dance to 80s/90s music thus Indulge n’ Dance.

I was invited to participate in the event as a pastry maker by Annika, the owner of Social Bites. I was kind of surprised to receive the invitation of course, because I have never sold or served my treats to a big crowd. Baking is my hobby and I would feed my friends and family with my goodies but I haven’t thought of taking my hobby further (just yet). I was invited because of a post I wrote back in February about my food swapping experience. I blogged about my experience, the jam and macarons I brought. Two days later, I received a message from Twitter from Annika asking if I would be interested in the event because she saw the pictures of my macarons. (Cool, right?)

Before the event actually happened, Annika also organized workshops for the seven pastry chefs for them to learn about ways/tips to improve or start their baking businesses from the professionals. I learned a great deal from these workshops, learning from the pros’ was just wonderful. On the first workshop, I met the six other pastry chefs and they are all very talented with some of them being professional bakers. So…I was the only one NOT professional, don’t have experience or professional training, or even an online shop. I just have…a blog.

The big day came and I thought, “Here I go!”

Chocolate Ganache Tarts with Salted Caramel

I made Chocolate Ganache Tarts with Salted Caramel. People loved the decorations on the top, some specifically asked for the ones with the smiley face or the heart. I have to say I am quite proud of myself because it was my first time making larger quantities of treats and served them to a big crowd. My tarts also won the runner-up for the “Best of Show” of the event! The “Best of Show” was voted by participants based on presentation and taste of the treats from each baker.

The line up of Pastry Makers and their goodies:

Apple Caramel Pie Pops by The Pie Hole

I love the pie stands – so professional! The pie pops were very cute.

Matcha Macaron with White Chocolate Yuzu Ganache by Kawaii Eats

So pretty, don’t you think? Melany (baker) told me the decorating is quite a bit of work, but she did a good job!

Dark Chocolate Baked donut with Whiskey Orange Glaze by Hyggelig Bakery

They also have a gluten-free and vegan version, I tasted one and I couldn’t tell there wasn’t flour in it, it was also very moist!

Molasses Spiced Cookie Ball coated in Chocolate and Rosemary Shortbread Cookie by Rosy’s Bake Shoppe

The display had such a pretty style.

Pina Colada Cupcakes by Guava Jelly Cupcakes

This display was so…tropical, a perfect theme for Pina Colada.

Vanilla Buttermilk Cake Pop Coated in White Belgium Chocolate & Candied Maple Bacon by Some Kind of Wonderful

These cake pops were so popular it won the “Best of Show” of the event! Congratz!

Annika - Our wonderful organizer
A peek behind the booth, it was a busy night!

The event was so much fun, I brought three friends there and they all enjoyed it. One of them even won some wine from the event sponsor! After clearing the treats off our tables, we danced for a bit and had fun. I had the opportunity to meet some local foodies and media people, it was a pleasure to meet them.

I was officially a Pastry Maker that night!

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