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If you enjoy reading my blog, you probably know that I have passion for both food and photography. I’ve never learned about food photography, all the photos you see on my blog are just self-taught – went through many instances of trial-and-error to achieve the results. Reading the feed from my Twitter account, I learned about a food photography workshop hosted by Food Bloggers of Canada with Jackie Connelly, a talented professional food photographer. Before signing up for the workshop, I visited her website, and I really love her style, colours, and composition. The photos definitely spoke to me so I was very excited to participate in the workshop. The result? Super informative, useful tips, and a batch of nice photos.

We got to do a hands-on photography workshop and we could also asked for Jackie’s advice and tip whenever we needed help. I remember it was actually raining outside that day and we were taking photos in the workshop using only natural lighting – my favourite kind of lighting for food photography. After asking for Jackie’s lighting tips, the best lighting was to my surprise, is on overcast/cloudy days.

Everyone at the workshop took out their big DSLR and started snapping away. I find lighting is the most tricky technical aspect to master in photography, but I took with me some good advice such as using fillers and reflectors.

We were also free to style any food the way we like using the props available to us. From these photos, I did most of the styling for what I think looks yummy.

Who took a bite out of that cookie? Wasn’t me, but I helped with the crumbling. Now I want to eat the rest of it.

Last but not least, more raspberries. I loved the pattern of the plate so I decided to put several raspberries on it to see if the colours would work well together. The photo turned out better than I expected. The natural lighting just worked very well with food. I am glad the photos turned out so nice!

I know it is kind of late but I really appreciate that Food Bloggers of Canada and Jackie hosted this workshop, I learned many valuable tips and tricks! I would certainly recommend this workshop if you like food photography and would love to learn more.

Photographing food is so enjoyable, almost better than eating, almost.

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