Macadamia Strawberry Crescents and Hazelnut Tuiles

Every Christmas I try to do some cookie recipes on the blog. Though a little busy and unmotivated, I didn’t want to break my own tradition. So here I am finally in front of my laptop scrambling to post this before Christmas. This year I made two different recipes: macadamia strawberry crescents and hazelnut tuiles. The first recipe is adapted from a recipe of one of my favourite cookbook authors, Dorie Greenspan. I have taken the classic almond crescents and used roasted macadamia nuts instead, and coated them with strawberry icing sugar, the flavour combination is the perfect balance of fruity and nutty. The hazelnut tuile is not surprisingly an ode to my very own cookbook, French Pastry 101. It is one of my favourite cookie recipes, it takes a little patience to shape the little cookies while they are hot, but I love the curved shape of them.

The pink shade of the macadamia strawberry crescents makes them look extra festive. The slight tartness from the fruit balances out the richness and sweetness of the cookies quite well. Of course dredging them in regular confectioners’ sugar is also delicious. I think raspberry powder would be another great flavour! For the tuiles, if you can’t find sliced hazelnuts, sliced almonds would work too, like it is in the book. Though I am used to the almond tuiles, I would say that the intense hazelnut flavour might even work better with brown butter than almond. Making cookies is always so festive and therapeutic at the same time for me. It is probably not only me who thinks this. In all the holiday madness, for me it is always nice to be able to stop and just focus on doing something that I truly enjoy.

This year has been extra kind to me. I realized my dream of becoming a cookbook author. I would have never imagined that I would be approached and given he opportunity to do so. I have learned so much about the process as much as about myself, to say the least. I look forward to the exciting year to come!  

I wish you and your family a happy holiday, filled with warmth, delicious food, and cookies!

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