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Hello, I am Betty. I am a baker, recipe creator, and blogger living in Vancouver, BC. 

The Obsession

My passion for baking started with the quest for the perfect sponge cake recipe when I was about 12 years old. I was curious about how eggs and sugar could whipped up to be so fluffy. Eventually my curiosity grew into an obsession.

I started taking baking courses in my spare time so I can learn more about this craft. Later I went to art school to study graphic design, where I designed and wrote a cookbook for a project. I created this food blog, Yummy Workshop as a continuation of this project.

In 2018, my dream of publishing my first cookbook came true, called French Pastry 101.

It is the perfect platform to express my art and baking. I realized that I actually enjoy doing this a great deal.  Though I like designing, my passion for baking called me. So I began to look for baking jobs. It was one of the best choices I’ve made but one of the most challenging ones. I applied for a baker at a then start-up French bakery but I didn’t have pastry nor culinary training. I was lucky to have the opportunity to take on an internship there, and becoming the pastry chef. The bakery was so kind to offer me a scholarship to attend pastry courses in Paris – it is possibly one of the best experiences I’ve had to date.

In June 2017, my brother and I assume the ownership of Beaucoup Bakery, where we have both worked for a number of years. It has been quite the surreal journey. We hope to continue to carry on the mission of the bakery, to inspire with quality and care.

The Baked Experiments 

My kitchen is like a baking lab, where I carry out all sorts of weird or random baking experiments. Of course they don’t always turn out well, but it’s so rewarding when things turn out unexpectedly delicious. Wouldn’t it be a dream to test baking all day, everyday, only to make the most delicious and beautiful pastries?


Food connects us in many ways that are most inspiring to me. Making connections with others through food is one of life’s pleasures. I can always talk with people about food, regardless of that person’s other interests.

Shoot me an email: betty@yummyworkshop.com

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  1. Hi Betty,

    Thank you for using the ZipList Recipe Plugin. I am sure your readers enjoy being able to see their favorite recipes from you site! The double chocolate donuts look delicious!

    Could you please provide me with your email address so we can keep you updated on any new ZipList news and features?
    Thank you!

    Kim Vinyard
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  2. What an amazing blog! I was looking for a way to contact you about possibly using a photo you have on your site. It is one of the Matcha Macaron photos. I have an etsy shop, and while I don’t use your recipe, I LOVE your photograph. If this would be okay, please let me know. All credit is given and a link is placed in the item description to your blog. Thanks and wow, great job with your work!

  3. Hi Casey,

    Please feel free to use my photo. If you provide the credit and a link to my blog, that would be great 🙂 Thanks for your compliments!


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