Azuki Brioche Rolls with Matcha Mascarpone

Azuki (red bean) filling is one of my favourite Asian sweet ingredients. The best I’ve had to date was the koshi-an I had in Kyoto, Japan as an exchange student. I took a wagashi (traditional Japanese confection) course from school in the second semester. The craft is a unique part of traditional Japanese culture. Wagashi has a strong emphasisRead more

No-knead Pine Nut Cherry Harvest Bread

Whenever I am craving bread, I tend to turn to the kitchen and make my own because I get to add whatever I want in it. For this bread I used pine nuts and dried cherries, which I found is such a great flavour combination. Of course, you can make a version of your own by changingRead more

Plumcot Almond Bostock

If you like French toast, you will love bostock. I first learned about this French pastry from my workplace. It’s a brioche slice dipped in syrup, baked with almond cream and almond slices on top. The result is a tender and moist cake-like brioche with a crunchy-topped custardy almond cream. The texture resembles that of a French toast,Read more

Vanilla Orange Rhubarb Brioche Loaf

I fell deeply in love with brioche ever since I made those brioche hot cross buns earlier this month. I’ve been using the same recipe to make loaves for breakfast, and I’d eat three slices in one sitting. Working at a French bakery made me mentally immune to the word “butter”, but I think my growingRead more

Honey Glazed Brioche Hot Cross Buns

Spring is official! In less than two days it will be Good Friday, when hot cross buns are traditionally served. Though Easter is not a tradition in our house, I remember there were always chocolates around this time in spring. For me, it was about the food, the ham and all, however hot cross bunsRead more

Whole Wheat Country Hearth Bread

It is almost near the end of January of 2014, last year passed by really quick. I changed my career, did many birthday and wedding cake projects. I hope this year will be just as exciting as the last if not more. New year resolutions, anyone? I thought I would post a healthy bread recipeRead more

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