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My impression of Moii Cafe is that it is a cutely odd place – does that even make sense?  I visited the place with a group of friends and a coupon. It is located in Kitsilano on West Broadway. The cafe is very small and their specialties are crepes, coffee/tea, and drinks . They don’t have a website, however, they have a facebook page that hasn’t been updated for a long time. The cafe interior feels a bit vintage and had some cute crafty details. Their store hours are that they are “usually” open seven days a week when they “feel like it”, so I made sure they were open before heading there.


The menu is stained and got this vintage look on it with items typed out with a typewriter – I don’t even know when I last used one. We ordered a total of four different types of crepes, two savoury and two sweet.

Mixed Fruit & Ice-Cream - $8.50

Oddly, the sweet crepes came first, starting with the mixed fruit with ice-cream. I liked the texture of the crepe, it was very thin and had some crunch on the exterior. The fruits were fresh – they tasted okay, but much better when the ice-cream. It would even be better if they used homemade vanilla ice-cream.

Nutella + Marshallow - $5.50

Next came the nutella and marshmallow crepe. The marshmallow melted like cheese on a pizza as we cut into it. Nutella and marshmallow tasted good together, but it was quite sweet because of the marshmallow. I wonder if they can do a s’mores crepe.

Teri Mayo - $9.50

After the sweets, the teri-mayo arrived. I read some reviews prior to the visit and many people recommended this crepe. It had BBQ chicken pieces, bonito flakes, cheddar & mozzarella cheese, okonomi sauce, and wasabi. We told them to go easy on the wasabi as one of our friends wasn’t too fond of it. We all thought it was delicious, the flavours all worked very well. I loved how the cheese was gooey and it brought all the textures together. It definitely reminded me of the teri-mayo Japadog. The okonomi sauce added a flavourful sweet element to it.

Great Canadian - $9.50

Last but not least, the great Canadian. It had smoked salmon, spinach, cheddar & mozzarella cheese. There was a generous amount of smoked salmon in it, it was the cooked type, not the raw type. To my surprise, this one was quite tasty, all the ingredients tasted very good together.

I personally enjoyed the savoury crepe more than the sweet ones. I think it is because I am used to sweet crepe so I found the savoury ones more interesting.


Their kitchen is in front and it is very small, everything was prepared in the tiny corner. “Moii” sounds Japanese but I think the place is run by Taiwanese (the bubble tea menu gave it away). If I go next time, I would want to try more of their savoury flavours, and maybe some bubble tea.



Ambi­ence: 3/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3.5/5

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