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Indian food is another one of my favourite foods! When booking our Xoxolat class, we were asked if we would also like to book a three course dinner after class at Atithi for $15 (only for Xoxolat chocolate tasting class participants). Read about my previous post on Xoxolat chocolate 101 class here! I was curious, so I checked their menu online before deciding. But $15 for a three course dinner seemed like too good of a deal to turn down :). The owner of Xoxolat who loves Atithi’s food explained that the restaurant (just a block away) offered us this dinner deal but the two stores aren’t actually related. Their interior is definitely better presented than their sign (photographed above). It was dark inside so it was difficult to take photos of the interior. Anyways, the deal includes a starter, entree and dessert in which we can choose from their standard menu, excluding Chef’s Favourites.

Just after sitting down, we were offered this crispy bread/cracker, Papadum with some dipping sauce. The cracker was very crispy had some fennel seeds on it. The green sauce was some kind of spicy cilantro mixture and the brown one was a tamarind sauce, sweet and savoury. We decided on our dishes as we munched on the crispy cracker.

Frankie (House Specialty)

My friend had the Frankie, a crispy and soft flat bread roll stuffed with tender pieces of chicken/lamb (we had chicken) with spices and fresh lettuce. It was also served with some french fries, the same cilantro and tamarind sauce we had with the cracker plus a spicy ginger sauce. This was delicious, the bread was crispy and flaky on the outside had a soft and chewy texture on the inside. The lettuce was crunchy and chicken was well prepared. I personally prefer the brown sweet sauce for this as it balances the spices in the roll, however, the ginger sauce also added a nice kick but not overly spicy.

Vegetable Samosa

Ok, it doesn’t really look like the good old triangular samosa that I was used to. This was actually cut in half and stacked on each other – nice presentation. It had the same dipping sauce as the Frankie. It was well prepared too, the exterior wasn’t very oily considering the deep-frying and the spiced potato filling was soft and fluffy. I liked the samosa with both the dipping sauces – very flavourful all together.

Sides served with the Entrees

Next came our sides which includes Basmati rice, fresh green salad and two pieces of flat bread.

Chicken Chettinad (Spicy)

I chose the Chicken Chettinad – recommended by our server for a chicken dish as my friend doesn’t eat lamb. It was actually not very spicy and I enjoyed the blend of spices. The sauce was very good with the basmati rice. However, I do think the chicken breast was a bit over-cooked – not as tender I was hoping it to be.

Prawn Malai Curry

The prawn was quite mild compared to the chicken, which paired with the sweetness of the prawns well. The coconut flavour was very strong and the sauce was rich and tasty. This sauce on the other hand, was better with the flat bread because it was more mild. I just wanted to put all the bread in there and soak up the goodness :D. I also liked that the dishes weren’t very oily and the flavours weren’t overly strong and spicy like some other Indian foods that I have had.

Mango Mousse

Dessert wasn’t on the menu so we had to ask our server, we had two choices – rice pudding or mango mousse. She strongly recommended the mango mousse and it was a good choice! It wasn’t really thick enough to dig into with your spoon but more like a sabayon texture with a little froth – interesting texture. It had a very rich mango flavour but we thought it was a tiny bit too sweet, but it was a nice refreshing end to the meal.

As expected the bill came to $30 for two people plus taxes – a smoking deal if you asked me, too bad the price was only for Xoxolat chocolate tasting participants. I wouldn’t mind visiting again. I would like to try their lunch buffet next time.


Ambience: 3.5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 5/5 (only because of the special deal)

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