Indulge n’ Dance: I was a Pastry Maker!

The Indulge n’ Dance event happened last Saturday but I wasn’t in the shape to write about it until today. Nothing is worse than catching a cold in this unpredictable Vancouver spring weather. Anyways, the event was organized by Social Bites. It featured seven pastry chefs where they each prepared treats to be served atRead more

Bistro 101 at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Baked Mussels & Pink Scallops

Bistro 101 has been around for a long time, but I have never been until recently. Bistro 101 is located just outside of Granville Island, in the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. Their dishes are all prepared by students for their culinary arts program as part of their practicum. They also have Bakery 101, whereRead more

365 Days of Dining Richmond, BC

There has been a lot of talk about amazing foodie opportunity. If you haven’t heard about it, you can find more details here. Richmond, BC (my home) is recruiting a full-time food blogger! Today (the last day to apply), I have finally applied to the 365 Days of Dining Richmond, BC. There are more thanRead more

Shanghai Morning Restaurant

I am writing another restaurant located at the Alexander Road, otherwise known as the “Food Street” of Richmond. Shanghai food is another one of my favourite Chinese foods of all times, I like it because it is mild tasting (although Cantonese dishes are even more mild) and it can be found in many places inRead more

Matcha Green Tea Macarons with Chocolate Ganache

I’ve heard so much about how difficult it is to make macarons, as a baking enthusiast, I’ve set out to tackle this baking mission. 🙂 It started out, of course, unsuccessful, I wanted to strangle the person who invented this evil dessert (just kidding). At my fifth attempt, they finally look like good macarons. IfRead more

Claypot Hot Pot Restaurant: Dim Sum

It’s about time that I write a post about one of my favourite Chinese foods, Dim Sum! They are like little delectable treasures. Some say that they are the essence of Cantonese Cuisine – I agree to some extent. My family and I love Yum Cha (usually a weekend brunch), so we are always lookingRead more

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