Food Swap Burnaby – my first food swapping experience

Last night I went to the Food Swap Barnaby event, it was also their first event ever. I had lots of fun and swapped a lot of goodies. The Food Swap Burnaby is an event where you can swap home made food such as jams, baked goods, preserves, etc. with what other people brought. It is like buying with what you have brought. Their Facebook page is here. First we got to mingle, taste some samples, and then we started swapping. I forgot to take my camera 🙁 but still managed to take some photos with my phone.

I brought homemade jams and macarons!

TaDa! This was my station, I swapped my peach jam and macarons, samples provided too! People asked me if I sell them, actually I have never sold my macarons, maybe I should consider. 🙂


Some serious canning here.


Homemade Pottery

Someone brought pottery!



Someone keeps a bee hive in their backyard and harvests the honey – good stuff!


Crackers and Granola

Homemade crackers and granola with nuts and dried fruits. I swapped a bag too!


Country Bread

They look professional, and tasted delicious too!


In return, I took home these:

Swedish Crisp Bread & 4 Citrus Marmalade
Country Bread & Homemade Kimchi
Pie Dish & Sourdough Bread

I had a fun experience at the food swap, I definitely want to go to more swapping events!

[UPDATE Feb. 24/2012] More photos of the swap can be found here at the Burnaby New Leader!

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7 thoughts on “Food Swap Burnaby – my first food swapping experience

    1. Thank you for stopping by Stephanie, the photos on your blog look great! It was actually my sixth time baking macarons, it was difficult to make them look good…:P

  1. Oh my goodness, this sounds so much fun. I hope that we have such event here too. Then we all get the chance to taste other homemade produces with no guilt. hehe….

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