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My cousin introduced me to this restaurant a while ago. She recommended that I “have to” try their pies. Of course, as an enthusiastic baker, it automatically went on my list of restaurants to go to. She also has her own list of Gastown restaurants to try as Gastown is a pretty vibrant foodie place. We decided to come here for lunch on a weekday, she also advised me to go after the lunch rush hour to avoid a long wait, so we arrived at around 2:30 pm.

The interior has a vintage feel to it, like a diner. The branding is quite consistent throughout the restaurant with a hipster touch.

Even the typeface of the menu was vintage! The menu offers a variety of comfort food such as grilled cheese, mac and cheese, breakfast, and goodies like pies and cookies.

Turkey Sandwich with Daily Soup – $12

A cup of soup, broccoli almond slaw, or potato soup. I had their soup of the day, which was a spiced peanut and pinto bean soup. I liked the grainy mustard from the sandwhich, it was a great compliment for the turkey. The meat wasn’t very dry and the cheese melted nicely. The arugula also added a nice peppery flavour. The sandwich was grilled and served warm and I enjoyed its crispy outer texture. I also liked the cranberry sauce, a classic combination with turkey. The soup had a nice peanut flavour, I have never had soups with peanuts before, except in Chinese cuisine. The beans had a good texture, and the flavour was a little sweet.

Daily Quiche with Salad and Soup – $10.25

My cousin had the daily quiche (with salami), which includes a side of salad and a cup of soup. It was the same soup that I had with my sandwich. The quiche was quite tasty, the crust was very flaky and the custard was very rich and creamy. The salami had a nice salty flavour, which worked well with the custard. The quiche was rich, so the salad did the job of cutting a bit of the greasiness.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Since my cousin desperately wanted to try the lemon meringue pie, we ordered a piece to share. It seems be a popular pie at the restaurant. We asked the server if they had it, and the pie was cooled down just in time to serve. I think it was a good pie to end the meal, it was sweet and fluffy on the top, sour on the bottom, the flavours were well balanced and wasn’t too rich.

We enjoyed our visit, the food was good, the environment was laid back and relaxing. I can’t wait to try their other baked goods.


Ambi­ence: 3/5
Food: 3.5/5
Ser­vice: 3.5/5
Value: 3.5/5

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One thought on “Acme Cafe

  1. Hahaha, hi! I inevitably started clicking on your profile after you swung by and left a message (thanks btw, and yes I love that cookbook! I can even lend it to you it seems…) and I was scrolling through your blog when I saw a snippet thumbnail of Acme Cafe! And I promptly did a double take because OhMyGosh I recognize this place! I’m from Vancouver too! (But I live in Japan for now until the end of the year..)

    I love your blog! You need to tell me all about your local craft market stuff andandand meet me IRL so I can eat your macarons and pot stickers and all things I love!!! (am I being a sorta kinda creeper right now?)

    Anyway, it’s good to meet a fellow vancouverite! (Ugh, even that sounded lame to me…*face palm*)

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