Moii Cafe

My impression of Moii Cafe is that it is a cutely odd place – does that even make sense?  I visited the place with a group of friends and a coupon. It is located in Kitsilano on West Broadway. The cafe is very small and their specialties are crepes, coffee/tea, and drinks . They don’tRead more

Suika Snack Bar

Oysters $1.80/each

I visited this restaurant with some friends a while back, I was pondering if I should write a post about it because it has been…a while since we went there…like more than a month ago. I decided that I should still write about it because I think it is worth posting on my blog –Read more

Bistro 101 at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Baked Mussels & Pink Scallops

Bistro 101 has been around for a long time, but I have never been until recently. Bistro 101 is located just outside of Granville Island, in the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. Their dishes are all prepared by students for their culinary arts program as part of their practicum. They also have Bakery 101, whereRead more

Shanghai Morning Restaurant

I am writing another restaurant located at the Alexander Road, otherwise known as the “Food Street” of Richmond. Shanghai food is another one of my favourite Chinese foods of all times, I like it because it is mild tasting (although Cantonese dishes are even more mild) and it can be found in many places inRead more

Claypot Hot Pot Restaurant: Dim Sum

It’s about time that I write a post about one of my favourite Chinese foods, Dim Sum! They are like little delectable treasures. Some say that they are the essence of Cantonese Cuisine – I agree to some extent. My family and I love Yum Cha (usually a weekend brunch), so we are always lookingRead more

Hong Mi Korean Restaurant – Richmond

I got the chance to visit this sort-of-new restaurant in Richmond, Hong Mi, located on No. 3 Road. I actually visited twice, once for lunch once for dinner. I totally forgot the prices for these, and they don’t have a restaurant website, but I remember that it wasn’t very expensive. The restaurant is quite bigRead more

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