Peanut Butter and Jelly Croissants

I make double-baked almond croissants at work everyday, they are one of the bakery’s best sellers. They are a staple of a French bakery, just like a regular croissant. The first time I had an almond croissant, it was like a revelation. A buttery croissant filled with a cake-like almond filling, topped with crunchy almondsRead more

500 Best Quinoa Recipes: Interviewing the Talented Camilla — Part Two + Peanut Butter and Quinoa Granola Recipe

Here comes part two of the interview with Camilla, the author of 500 Best Quinoa Recipes and the Peanut Butter and Quinoa Granola recipe. The first part of the interview can be found here. It was the first time I made granola with quinoa. As I was browsing through the book, I saw this recipe, inRead more

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