Toasted Whole Grain Scones

I love toasted whole grains, it brings out their best flavours when making baked goods. I was very excited to receive a care package from Rogers Foods, a local grains company. I’ve always liked using Rogers flours, especially their whole rye flour and unbleached all-purpose flour. As a baker, I always bake with unbleached flourRead more

Cookbook Review: The 5:2 Diet Cookbook

The “healthy” lifestyle has become a big trend these years. There are many kinds of “diets” that you can engage in, and they are easily accessible through numerous books, articles and internet resources. The Ulysses Press sent me a copy of their The 5:2 Diet and The 5:2 Diet Cookbook for review. Note: I have not thoroughly readRead more

Kale and Chickpea Soup

  Cold weather is the perfect time for soups. Nothing is more comforting than having a bowl of warm soup in my cold hands. As I was searching for a recipe for kale, I came across soup recipe which I had (almost) every ingredient on hand. It was actually my first time cooking with kale.Read more

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