White Chocolate Mousse

A while ago, I made this white chocolate mousse from a recipe found in a weekly Chinese food magazine from Ming Pao Daily Newspaper. That particular issue featured chef Corbin Tomaszeski’s demonstration of his Irish Cream dessert recipes. One recipe that caught my eye was the white chocolate mousse. If you watch Food Network Canada,Read more

Chinese Sesame Cookie Balls

It’s Chinese New Year soon! Nothing is better than homemade deep fried goodies and one of my favourites is the deep fried sesame cookie balls. Its name is “kai kou xiao” in Mandarin pinyin, meaning “laughing mouth”. Being brought up in a Cantonese family I’ve learnt that they are called “siu hau jo” in CantoneseRead more

Yummy in Las Vegas: Part Two

Remember my trip to Las Vegas last month? Here comes part two! We stayed at the Treasure Island hotel where we had two buffet meals there (a lunch and a dinner). We chose to go there twice was because we had a $50 credit towards the restaurant and another buy one get one free coupon.Read more

Atithi Indian Cuisine

Indian food is another one of my favourite foods! When booking our Xoxolat class, we were asked if we would also like to book a three course dinner after class at Atithi for $15 (only for Xoxolat chocolate tasting class participants). Read about my previous post on Xoxolat chocolate 101 class here! I was curious,Read more

Xoxolat Chocolate 101

As we can see, cocoa is planted mainly in Africa, Mexico, and South America. There are soooo many kinds of chocolates that I didn’t know about. That was what I learned from this class. Xoxolat (pronounced sho.sho.la) is a specialty chocolate store that carries the a wide variety of imported chocolates as well as chocolatesRead more

Happy New Year!

It is the new year and I wish everyone a wonderful year! My new year resolution is to live a more balanced lifestyle (ie. more exercise) and to improve my cooking skills. What are your new year resolutions?

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