Banana Leaf on Davie

Yay! I finally got to try this Malaysian restaurant. I love South East Asian foods because their dishes are usually so flavourful with a variety of bright spices and herbs – sooo good! On this day, I went to with my friend for lunch. There are four locations of the Banana Leaf restaurant: on Broadway,Read more

Yummy in Las Vegas: Part One

Yummy in Las Vegas! Just shortly before the winter holidays, my mom and I went to Las Vegas for a 4 days, 3 nights trip. Besides just checking out the different hotels and attractions, of course we had to have buffet. Just editing and uploading the photos of food reminded me of all the yummyRead more

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

It is that time of the year again, this recipe is one of my favourites. The colour is also perfect for Christmas. It might be hard to find raw pistachio nuts so you can also substitute with other nuts. I have tried making this recipe with almonds but my favourite is still pistachios (it mightRead more

Honey Castella

Wow…I’ve neglected my blog for a long time. The recipe that I am going to write about here is another Japanese recipe that I’ve made back in fall (it is winter now :)). Anyways, I found this recipe on a Youtube video here. The video is Japanese and the video quality is not the bestRead more

Chocolate Crème Caramel

Continuing my Japanese recipe of mini doughnuts, this is also a Japanese recipe which also happens to be chocolate. In Japan they call it “pu-rin” for pudding, but it is more like a custard. I found this recipe from a Japanese website called “Kyou-no-ryouri” which means “Cooking Today”. It is also a cooking TV showRead more

Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant

Avocado Tuna Roll $8.95

This was not the first time that I visited this Japanese restaurant. They offer a pretty good variety of authentic Japanese dishes – not only sushi. They have a nicely designed website too, click here. This day, I went with a friend. “Tsukiji” is actually the name of the famous Japanese fish market. The restaurantRead more

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